Cazoo customer story
Cazoo Customer Story

How Cazoo launched a new way to (re-)buy cars online with a seamless multi-payment system.

Customer Possibility Story of how Cazoo made buying used cars online simple and seamless
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Cazoo buys used cars and fully reconditions them before offering them for sale on its website. On Cazoo’s website, customers can browse through thousands of cars in-stock at any time, choose and purchase one online, and have it delivered to their door in as little as 72 hours. By only buying the best cars on the market, and thoroughly inspecting and reconditioning each one, Cazoo is transforming the way people buy used cars.
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The Challenge

Cazoo wanted to build their new commerce project from scratch to ensure they can deliver a seamless customer experience.

The Solution

Cazoo went down a unique route by choosing a serverless architecture and a microservices-based approach to build their commerce solution. The scalable, cloud-native platform will support growth, and has allowed them to implement multiple payment options for a single order for the convenience of customers.

The digital car dealer Cazoo is transforming the way people buy used cars by making purchases simple and seamless. The headless, microservices-based approach of commercetools allows Cazoo to develop sales sites and channels in a way that is unique in the automotive industry. Since they launched with commercetools, they have become the fastest riser to unicorn status in UK history.
Hauke Rahm

VP Customer Success, commercetools

Why it was a success

Cazoo’s new eCommerce platform was successfully launched in December 2020 and their multiple payment options per order is already proving to be a hit with customers.

Cazoo's headless, microservices-based commerce platform allows them to develop sales sites and channels that are unique in the automotive industry

commercetools features for Cazoo


Advanced checkout processes enable customers to purchase one car with multiple payment options

Multiple Touchpoints

Digital webstore, mobile, and brick and mortar sales channels all on one platform

Custom Products

Adaptable bundled products and complementary auto-services

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