World of Books customer story
World of Books Customer Story

World of Books opened a new page in amazing user experiences with a website that performs flawlessly

Customer Possibility Story of how World of Books manages an ever-growing stock and responds to the market in real-time with their new digital commerce
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World of Books was founded in the United Kingdom over a decade ago. The retailer purchases unsold inventory of used books from UK charity shops and resells them via their World of Books websites as well as various 3rd party marketplaces such as World of Books purchases books in bulk, paying by tonnage rather than for individual titles.
Faster Backend Processing
Commerce APIs
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  • Adobe Commerce (Magento)
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The Challenge

The goal of World of Books is to make their commerce platform the leading international website for reselling used books globally. In pursuit of this goal, World of Books decided to migrate the UK website following the successful move of their Australian site.

In commercetools, we have found a solution based primarily on a microservice API architecture, which fits perfectly with our development skill set and methodology.
Benjamin Edwards

Head of IT, World of Books Group

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The Solution

World of Books opted for commercetools, who fundamentally modernized the website while the business was running. Using the modular system of a variety of microservices, first in Australia and then in the UK, they have made the architecture of their site future-ready.

Why it was a success

The new platform, combined with its own tailor-made software, enables World of Books to manage an ever-growing stock and respond to the market in real-time. Additionally, customers can choose from the largest range of goods offered at the best prices. In the competitive market for used books, these factors are the key to satisfying new and existing customers.

Due to the implementation of a cloud-based, API-first commerce platform, the existing website has become more agile and faster, substantially enhancing the user experience. An updated navigation and an optimized checkout also improve customer satisfaction — via all devices. Customers can find the book they are looking for faster than ever before and buy it with fewer clicks.

World of Books' new platform that is more agile, faster, and offers better user experiences

commercetools features for World of Books


Stock pricing and inventory levels consistent across Amazon, eBay and over 20 other marketplaces.

Commerce in the Cloud

Hosting environments in the cloud supports auto-scaling depending on end-user demand.

100% Headless

Straightforward platform integration via API enables commerce with existing legacy systems.

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