About C.H. Beck Verlag:

The publisher C.H.Beck is one of the largest and most renowned houses in the German publishing industry. With more than 600 employees and about 1,700 new publications in the two publishing areas of “Law, Taxation, Economics” and “Literature, Nonfiction, Science”, C.H.Beck belongs to the main German publishers.



Their online store ran on a 15-year-old commerce system and couldn’t keep up with growing demands. The self-built solution became harder and more expensive to maintain. In part, the monolith was very Microsoft-centric and featured outdated components based on in-house developments. The data migration part of the project was massive; requiring the move of nearly 14 million products including categories, attributes and additional information to a new system.


The old architecture was replaced in phases and the systems involved were successively decoupled from one another. C.H.Beck selected commercetools’ scalable, cloud-native commerce platform and opted for Microsoft Azure for the cloud infrastructure.

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“From our perspective, a modular architecture is worthwhile, especially because it dissolves the complexity. […] Parts of our current live systems are already being handled by migrated components. It’s been working really well so far and as you can imagine, this method is very secure.”

Carl Heinze, Project Manager at C.H.BECK