About Dawn Foods:

Dawn Foods is a family-owned bakery specialized in donuts. Under the direction of the Jones family, Dawn Foods has become the international partner of choice for bakers and culinary professionals around the world. They produce more than 4,000 products, employ nearly 5,000 people, do business in more than 105 countries, and operate in more than 57 locations worldwide.



To meet the demands of an evolving customer base and to expand, Dawn Foods sought to add self-service capabilities leveraging eCommerce so customers could quickly and efciently manage their accounts, browse product catalogs and place orders.


For a modern commerce architecture, as well as a future-proof, fexible and agile solution, Dawn Foods selected commercetools in the backend and Contentstack for the frontend to give Dawn Foods maximum fexibility.

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“Bakeries have felt the heat – literally – from trying to simplify processes while working long hours in 80+ degree kitchens and focusing on business resiliency during the pandemic. We partnered with experts from commercetools, Contentstack and EPAM Systems to help us develop the solution to make our bakery customers’ lives easier and deliver them rich digital experiences that they’ve come to expect in their daily life.”

Gireesh Sahukar, Senior Director of Digital Technology, Dawn Foods