About Flaschenpost:

In 2007, it started with a singular vision: to create an “Amazon for Wine”. Now Flaschenpost is the largest online B2C wine retailer in Switzerland, providing around 100,000 wine lovers with 30,000 wines from the 100 most renowned Swiss wine shops.



The existing online shop was initially an in-house development and was later replaced by Magento. The monolithic structure of the system, however, was soon unable to withstand the strong growth of Flaschenpost. In addition, the development of new features was too complex, lengthy and expensive, as it involved several individual adjustments.


Magento was replaced by a combination of commercetools as the eCommerce platform and Frontastic as the frontend management system. Both systems are linked to the ERP system via a message broker solution on Amazon Web Services, which controls and simplifies resource planning.

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