About Foodl:

Foodl is the open marketplace for catering professionals, where you can order everything you need with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can also find special  brands, products or initiatives you have never heard of. Each with its own special story. Everything arranged in one place.



The platform should be easily accessible and open and login should only be necessary when a transaction
is concluded. Furthermore, an exceptional user experience, connectivity to a wide range of touchpoints as well as unlimited scalability were essential requirements for Foodl.


A backend based on commercetools combined with Vue Storefront as the frontend provides Foodl with the needed flexibility and speed to meet its every business demands, especially to scale according to its customers’ needs as well as grow with the business.

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“Choosing commercetools was logical. First of all, commercetools is future-proof. As a headless platform, it offers the flexibility and speed we, as Foodl, were looking for. Thanks to headless it is possible to support every channel, without needing to set up separate development processes for every channel. Moreover, commercetools lets you start small and scale up as needed. Exactly what we wanted. And commercetools is very user-friendly. Thanks to the flexible API architecture, we can offer large parties the opportunity to connect with Foodl the way they want. Smaller parties can also work directly on the platform.”

Lieke Kamp, Product Owner at Foodl