About Koala:

Founded in 2005 the goal of the Australian company was to combine furniture and the internet. Due to savings in expensive industry practices the young company offers affordable products with a 120 nights trial possibility and a pick up service if return is needed. Koalas mission is to improve habitats inside and outside by donating to wildlife conservation or by minimising consumption by creating simple, well-made products that are built to last and have a reduced environmental footprint.


Further Information:

Koala’s ambitious plans to scale globally made apparent the need for significant flexibility for both its expanding product suite and the end-to-end customer experience. commercetools is exactly the platform that would enable the expanded scalability and uptime required to meet its growth targets.

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“Koala undertook a search for an eCommerce platform that could meet a core set of objectives – ideally it would be modular, extensible and based on a headless, microservices architecture, but what stood out for Koala was commercetools’ API extensions, GraphQL coverage, scalability of the platform and flexibility around the data model. We were also impressed with the way commercetools could fit and integrate with Koala’s infrastructure, system environments and business applications, allowing us to create a class leading ecom experience.”

Geoff Kwan, VP, Digital Product and Technology at Koala