About Mietski:

Customers can book an exact ski model in the desired lengths at Mietski. Skis are booked online with availability check in real time. The available skis and snowboards are automatically displayed to the customers in the appropriate length. These models are exactly adapted to their specifications, driving skills and body size. The sooner one books the equipment online, the better the price.



The most important thing for the MIETSKI is the high reliability of the system. The complex calculation of prices and availabilities must work quickly and flawlessly even during peak season.


2016 MIETSKI decided to replace this technology with a new, fully scalable system, choosing commercetools and Salesforce. Thus, MIETSKI created easier access for mobile devices and to introduce intelligent shopping cart technology.

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“A high-performance system with cutting-edge technology – where you don‘t have to constantly take care of everything yourself – that‘s what the cloud specialists at Salesforce, contentful and commercetools do for our business!”

David Wolfart, Founder and Managing Director at MIETSKI