About Nieuwkoop Europe B.V.:

Nieuwkoop Europe is a leading international company in interior landscaping and the related supply chain market. Plants and planters mostly find their way to business projects via interior landscapers, architects, exporters, florists and other green retailers. Nieuwkoop carries out purchasing and sales activities in over 40 countries around the world.



Although several customers were visiting Nieuwkoop’s physical store, their sales began growing quite steadily on their web shop and their existing commerce platform was not flexible enough to keep up. It was time to integrate new, modern commerce functionality but their current UX was not equipped to handle the changes.


In collaboration with the digital agency Incentro, Nieuwkoop opted for a completely new commerce platform using commercetools’ headless architecture. Together, all three companies were able to create something that would future-proof the landscaping business for many years to come.

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“With the existing platform, we could only adjust what we had. While we wanted to take a step forward and make new functionalities available to our users. With commercetools, we can upgrade and adjust the platform as needed, without any hassle.”

Paulien van der Zwet, Marketing Manager at Nieuwkoop