About PADI:

The Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) is known globally as THE provider of diving instruction and certification, certifying over 80% of all divers worldwide through thousands of regional dive shops in more than 140 countries including actors, royalty, film crews and enthusiastic explorers of the world’s oceans.

As PADI grows and expands to meet the needs of a growing market, they are architecting a future where they can introduce amazing underwater worlds to more divers and members and become the de facto source for dive-related content across our blue planet.



PADI exemplifies passion for the underwater world, but engaging with thousands of dive shops and millions of members worldwide can be highly complex using a monolithic system. It’s limited extensibility and adaptability has hindered PADI’s ability to take advantage of opportunities in the B2C market and directly engage with members and certified divers.


PADI partnered with commercetools because of its API-first and microservices architecture which will allow them to master complex business models and develop a single product catalog with multiple commerce-enabled B2B and B2C touchpoints. The built-in support for multiple languages will also enable them to quickly add new dive shops around the globe.

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“For us, navigating the digital world to support global dive shops as well as to certify divers and members in any language, on any device, on any continent, is as much of a thrill as a first open-water dive. With the help of commercetools on this journey, we’re confident that we can build out our vision of an amazing customer experience.”

Tyler Jordan, Senior Product Manager eCommerce at PADI