About REWE:

The REWE Group is a purchasing cooperative based in Cologne. In order to meet current and future requirements and to bundle all strategic online activities, the spin-off company REWE digital has over 350 employees engaged in the digitization of the entire group.



The longer-term strategy of the company involves dig-itizing existing core competencies and thus increasing its competitive advantage. That is why REWE is currently focusing its efforts especially on the online food retail sector.


REWE has chosen the commercetools platform, which comes with a lightweight integrated PIM. This PIM has been adapted to suit the relevant individual business processes by creating flexible microservices.

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“Setting up hundreds of additional REWE Click & Collect stations during such troubled times, as we are currently experiencing, wouldn’t be possible without commercetools’ headless platform, that allows our commerce ecosystem to adapt and grow flexibly with light speed.”

Dr. Robert Zores, CTO at REWE Digital