About Salling Group:

Salling Group is Denmark’s largest retailer. Stores, web shops, coffee bars, restaurants and their own brand are all key business areas. The purpose of Salling Group is to improve every day life – for their customers and for the society.



Salling Group began to realize they needed to strengthen their omnichannel experience, which required technology that would serve their customers across all digital channels. Furthermore, it was clear that their existing SAP Hybris setup was not scalable in terms of cost efciency and recruiting talent.


Salling Group implemented a new tech stack with commercetools’ headless commerce architecture at its core, and based on modern UX designs with a mobilefrst mindset. Headless CMS (Magnolia), microservices, APIs and Jamstack to replace the monolithic platform.

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“We strive for a simple and modern omnichannel shopping experience, built on headless principles and microservices, which enables us to anticipate future developments.”

Ismael García, Digital Technology Chief, Salling Group