About scrappel:

scrappel is a digital marketplace for recyclables trading. Via the professional and reliable infrastructure of the platform, suppliers and buyers of scrap metal find together. A verification of the users guarantees a secure and transparent business transaction.



scrappel came into being as an innovation project by the recycling company ALBA Group. Here, experts from a variety of fields defined the goals and functions of an application with the aim of creating more efficiency, transparency and trust in the scrap material trade.


The solution partner ARITHNEA, a competent partner for agile solutions, took over the implementation of the e-commerce backend based on the microservices offered by commercetools. Thanks to the established collaboration between the partners involved, the app was ready to be launched after only six months.

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“We live by and love the idea of ‘API first’ and are therefore confident in having found the right partner in commercetools. This decision has proven right so far.”

Matthias Spanic, CEO at scrappel GmbH