One of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, ranking in the top 100 of Fortune 500, provides mobile and fixed phone telephone services in the United States. Since 2018, it is also the parent company of a mass media conglomerate, making it one of the world’s largest media and entertainment companies in terms of revenue.


This multi-billion dollar telecommunications company began innovating with online sales more than 15 years ago; purchasing the ATG commerce platform (later acquired by Oracle) to enable selling phones and wireless plans on their website.

Over time, the company acquired new media services in addition to phones and wireless plans, but their monolithic commerce platform was not built for true omni-channel selling, nor was it designed to communicate with completely different systems. It was clear to the digital leadership team that in order to support cross-platform and cross-brand selling, they needed to modernize and migrate to a more modern, agile architecture.


This multi-billion dollar telecommunications company selected the commercetools cloud-native, API-first commerce platform which would give them the flexibility to upsell and cross-sell on any of their online properties and the agility to build and customize microservices to meet the needs of the business.

Following the commercetools Blueprint for how to migrate in phases off a monolithic commerce platform and move to microservices, the telco is now able to realize the full benefits of their acquisition and can easily do so for future acquisitions. 

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