About THE YES:

THE YES is a mobile shopping App and a new way to shop. Consumers get personal fashion recommendations daily from their favorite brands.



As THE YES is setting out to revolutionize fashion retail, they needed a commerce solution as cutting-edge and hip as their company.


With commercetools, The Yes has more than just the fastest frictionless eCommerce platform, they benefit from a headless and composable approach that allows them to easily roll out unique and innovative shopping experiences without any disruption.

“We [thought if we] challenged ourselves to leverage the technology of the native app environment, [we] could build a much slicker experience for the user. We also know that mobile is growing. It’s about 50% of total purchases now in fashion and growing faster, so while we know that web will be important to add, we really felt like mobile and iOS were the places to start.”

Julie Bornstein, Founder, The Yes