About Top Hat:

Top Hat helps educators take attendance, administer polls, games, and quizzes, and share lecture notes all by connecting to student’s mobile devices. Top Hat delivers online homework and interactive content and provides a space where instructors can collaborate to create interactive course material.



According to Top Hat, the higher ed student experience is out of touch with today’s students. Engagement is dropping while at the same time, the price of textbooks has risen more than 1000% in the past three decades. Top Hat was founded to empower educators with the tools to make higher education more effective and to improve student success.


The Top Hat solution started as a mobile app to promote real-time in-class engagement. Over time, Top Hat has built an all-in-one active learning platform that combines interactive textbooks, lecture slides, assignments, and tests, to support student learning. Top Hat’s uses commercetools for content purchases within the student application.

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“With the launch of new functionality to our platform came changes to our pricing model. We felt we could respond to changes more quickly with commercetools. The all API-based platform gives us the freedom to build the experience that‘s right for the students that use our app.”

Tom Grant, Software Engineer Team Lead, Top Hat