Headless Platform API

Create unique and engaging customer experiences across infinite channels with a full suite of flexible APIs. Leverage our business experience and logic to build a solution that meets your exact needs.

commercetools Features Headless Platform API

Main benefit of headless commerce Innovate and scale without risk using our robust and performant APIs

APIs are the staple of connecting software within modern business ecosystems. Our platform is inherently built to leverage our open APIs. They encapsulate distinct commerce functionalities, are well-documented and functionally extensible.

commercetools Features Headless Platform API innovate & scale
Easy integration

commercetools recognized APIs are at the core of delivering commerce value and developed a platform based on an API-first approach.

API coverage
All capabilities accessible via API

All commercetools features and functions are conveniently available via our APIs.

Leader in the powerful data query languages

GraphQL retrieves only the data you asked for, which helps improve performance while reducing call size.

Commerce ecosystem integration
Connect the commercetools platform with your business ecosystem

Our pluggable, easy-to-use APIs simplify connecting commercetools with any other software that your business runs on.

API Extensibility
Modify APIs to your unique business requirements

Patented API extensibility by commercetools lets customers specify how APIs behave.

Programming language agnostic
Leverage existing investments and skills

Our programming language and tech stack agnostic platform provides your development teams with more freedom and lowers your costs.

Bringing everything together What’s possible with commercetools APIs?

Create a commerce experience that matches your vision

We understand commerce is just one part of the business equation. Our powerful APIs allow you to set up your commerce experience and readily connect it with other software applications you use in your ecosystem.

commercetools Features Headless Platform API connecting with other softwares

Powerful API extensibility

Unique to commercetools, our patented feature provides you with the ability to customize our APIs, so they serve your specific business needs and use cases.

commercetools Features Headless Platform API extensibility
Our big investments in API-first technology […] absolutely, they’re paying off and they’re worth it.
Gary Schorer

Director of Technology, Vistaprint


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