Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) technology leverages your data by providing the unified power to analyze patterns without following explicit instructions. commercetools platform utilizes machine learning to deliver product recommendations, personalized promotions, and on-demand offers. It can even be applied to the tech stack to make deployments easier and faster.

commercetools Features Machine Learning

Main benefit of Machine Learning Work smarter, not harder

The three dimensions to commercetools Machine Learning:

  • Automation to help with daily tasks

  • Data quality optimization

  • Customer experience improvements

These benefits combined enable your teams and your customers  to get them to where they need, and want to be faster and better.

ML-powered category recommendations
Assign your products into the right places, faster

Our recommendation engine predicts categories that fit a given product, removing the chance of human error and ensuring products are assigned to the most appropriate categories.

Automatic index recommendations
Search accuracy and efficiency

Customers can add their own custom fields to data objects, products, orders, customers, etc. They can also query by field. We do use machine learning to analyze query patterns and field value distributions, and add or remove custom indexes based on that information. So you can model database indexes in advance.

Data enrichment
Save time and increase data quality

ML detects duplicates in order to increase data quality. ML also detects when important data is systematically missing, and generates recommendations on how to resolve issues, reinforcing the validity of your analytics.

Advanced visual search
Identify products based on imagery

With ML, you can heighten the shopping experience by allowing customers to search products based on images from their smartphone.

Automated database indexes
Better databases and infrastructure deliver trickle-down benefits

commercetools also conducts behind-the-scenes optimizations (AI/ML Ops) to enhance platform performance and stability for you.

Smart partner add-ons
Level up ML capabilities with integrations

For additional functionality such as cross-selling and upselling, commercetools platform makes connecting to partner solutions seamless.

Smarter commerce What’s possible with Machine Learning?

Make data work for you with machine learning

The volume of data businesses handle today is enormous, but not all of it is valuable. Today, data quality is increasingly desirable over sheer vast quantities of data. Our ML technology ensures you can do more with less.

commercetools Features Machine Learning Possibilities

Enhance the customer experience with Machine Learning

Giving shoppers the ability to easily find what they are shopping for delivers higher conversion rates and increased sales volume. ML-powered features reduce data noise to help lead shoppers directly to the products they want to purchase.

commercetools Features Machine Learning Customer Experience Enhancement

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