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Get more for less with commercetools

Choosing a new commerce vendor is more than finding the ideal technology. Discover why commercetools Composable Commerce is also the right choice for your wallet.


TCO and ROI, explained Composable commerce = Reduce cost + increase results

Your commerce technology always requires some form of investment, often referred to as the total cost of ownership (TCO). ROI is the other half of the equation: It’s the result you get, your return on investment you made, despite its risks. With legacy platforms, your TCO can spiral out of control, while ROI is increasingly difficult to achieve. Composable commerce inverts these values: invest less and achieve more at the same time and grow like never before.  


How composable commerce lowers eCommerce TCO

Become agile to grow

Say goodbye to outdated systems that hold innovation back. With composable, API-first commerce, you can have the agility and speed to tackle opportunities as they come — and turn them into revenue streams.

Make it flexible and cost-effective

You never know what the future holds; that’s why commerce tech must be flexible and innovation-ready. Reduce the cost of unpredictable market changes and technical debt with an architecture that lets you innovate without hassle.

Team productivity that impacts the bottom line

Boosting your team productivity and operational efficiency are vital to your bottom line. Swap the focus from mundane tasks to innovative thinking, and retain the people that best contribute to your financial success.

Capturing the “Total” in Total Cost of Ownership How composable commerce reduces TCO

When you take the “total” costs through a long-term lens, from upfront implementation to subscription fees, infrastructure and hosting, composable commerce is more cost-effective than all-in-one legacy platforms. 

  • Upgrades, maintenance and vendor lock-in costs become a relic of the past with versionless and multi-tenant commerce. 

  • Best-of-breed solutions eradicate technical debt, as you can add, contract or swap components according to your needs. 

  • Reduce soft and hard costs of unpredictability with a future-ready architecture.

TCO deep-dive

The value of agility, flexibility and team productivity Boosting ROI with composable commerce

Success follows businesses able to innovate rapidly and change course due to new market conditions or consumer tastes. Composable commerce is the right solution to address unpredictable challenges, no matter what the future brings.

  • Customizable and extensible APIs enable you to tackle opportunities as they arise. 

  • Cloud-native commerce lets you capitalize on seasonal and sudden sales peaks without a blip to your IT performance. 

  • Unleash your team's potential with modern tools — and ship innovation faster.

ROI deep-dive

How commerce solutions compare

Future-proof your commerce

Composable commerce

All-in-one legacy platforms

Agile and flexible architecture


Innovation at speed


Modern tools and higher team productivity






Vendor lock-in


All or nothing monolithic platform


Embrace limitless commerce possibilities

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