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As the first truly cloud-native, API-first commerce solution, only commercetools Composable Commerce, B2C can deliver the agility, scalability and performance you need to gain control over your digital future.

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What is composable commerce?

When Gartner® coined the term ‘composable commerce’ in 2020, they defined it as a development approach enabling businesses to “leverage packaged business capabilities (PBCs) to move toward future-proof commerce.”  

commercetools uses the term to explain how we build and offer our products. Basically, by providing an open, flexible environment, our customers have the freedom to select and integrate best-of-breed components (aka PBCs) — and can swap them at any time, whenever those needs change.

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The ability to not just slightly adjust the direction but completely change the direction…is a critical part of our business. That’s why we embraced the approach of composable architecture — one day we don’t know we want a referral program, [and] the next day our marketing team wants it. If we can just plug it in easily, obviously that’s a big win for the business. That was and still is the philosophy behind the business.
Andrei Rebrov

Chief Technology Officer, Scentbird

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Meet customer expectations today, and in the future

First-generation monolithic platforms can’t meet the needs of retailers today. By implementing a MACH®-based composable solution, you can unlock a full range of growth possibilities, deliver outstanding shopping experiences and stay differentiated while innovating fast to be ready for what’s next.

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Why commercetools Composable Commerce for B2C?

Enable your most ambitious plans

Have the capacity to embrace big ideas and continually deliver value with a flexible and agile commerce solution.

Unlock your growth potential

Have control over your growing brand awareness and secure higher retention rates thanks to complete frontend ownership.

Accelerate innovation

Let your teams experiment and leverage rapid deployment to drive incremental, continuous innovation.

Reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies

Focus on improving processes and growing your business, putting your trust in proven core commerce components.

Enable your most ambitious plans

Empower your business and tech teams to continually deliver value in an ever-changing commerce environment.

  • Support your current and future complexity with modern, scalable commerce
  • Benefit from market and global shifts with the agility to flip challenges into opportunities
  • Execute your unique business strategies while retaining your DNA and purpose
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Unlock your growth potential

Adopt flexible, auto-scaling cloud technology that easily adapts to planned and unplanned business needs as well as market changes.

  • Make every encounter with your brand a shoppable moment and deliver consistent experiences that earn customer loyalty
  • Easily test and launch new business models, channels and geographies that can increase your market share
  • Experiment with promotions, improve product experience and use apps to maximize revenue
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Accelerate innovation with modern technology

Leverage the benefits of a best-in-class B2C digital commerce solution created by the headless category leader and MACH™ architecture inventor.

  • Utilize a collection of 300+ scalable, robust APIs backed by industry-grade security
  • Build what you need. Deploy updates, expand features and switch out components — quickly and without risk
  • Attract the best talent with a tech culture providing the freedom to build innovative, game-changing solutions
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Reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies

With commercetools seamlessly handling your backend functions, you have the freedom to invest in creating experiences that differentiate you from the competition.

  • Eliminate legacy platform costs with a SaaS product that auto-scales and delivers updates seamlessly
  • Improve site performance and drive revenue with an industry-leading 99.99% average uptime
  • Enable developers and business teams to implement features that engage customers and generate higher sales
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B2C customers already embracing composable commerce

"John Lewis & Partners is supercharging its investment online to adapt to changes in consumer behavior. Our partnership with commercetools forms part of this."
— Mike Sackman, Chief Information Officer, John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis Possibility Story
Customer Possibility Story of how John Lewis & Partners provide customized digital customer journeys

“With commercetools at the heart of the new Emma commerce solution, the company remains agile and can simultaneously grow business in over 30 markets across a wide variety of channels.”
— Andreas Westendorpf, Chief Technology Officer, Emma

Emma Sleep Possibility Story
Emma Sleep Possibility Story

“It would have taken us years to build a solution like this ourselves.”
- Emanuel Schleussinger, CTO, CHRONEXT

Chronext Possibility Story
Customer Possibility Story of how CHRONEXT developed high-quality digital shop for luxury watches