Order Management

Retail quickly moved from brick and mortar to multi- and-omni-channel. To build a truly unified commerce experience, not only is it important to be able to engage customers at each step of the user journey, but also to provide them with product availability by channel and store location. Empower your business by enabling your users to shop with you however they want, online or offline, without friction.

commercetools Features Order Management

Main benefit of the feature Work better with orders and fulfillment

Order management is the process from when a customer makes a purchase until they receive it. A good order management system is necessary for a smooth and efficient process from beginning to end.

commercetools Features Order Management Main Benefit
All your business metrics at a glance

Automation takes the manual work and errors out of order management to increase efficiencies across the board.

Products, Orders & Shipping
One click to view, sort, and manage

Integrating order management as part of your business ecosystem allows you to cater to your customers from start to finish.

Customer Management
Get an overview of customers and how they interact with you

Organize customer information, order history, and status while keeping data visible only to your relevant teams.

Store and Channel Management
All the complexity made easy

Aggregates data across every channel so you can optimize inventory, pricing, product assortments, and more.

Shipping & Returns
Successfully get products sold into the hands of your customers

Smoothly integrate logistics and supply chain as part of your order process to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Order Fulfillment
Optimize your products, inventory, and processes

Get a lay of the land on how efficient your business processes are from one step to the next, so you can work even faster and more effectively.

Efficiency and effectiveness What is possible with this feature?

Better efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, more orders

Placing an order represents an important stage in the customer experience as money and goods exchange hands. Getting the right order shipped out with minimum lead time and balancing inventory versus stocking costs are all part of optimizing for the best profits. Modern commerce enables that with powerful order management tools.

commercetools Features Order Management Better Efficiency Higher Customer Satisfaction

Smarter working with less complexity

Cut out the noise and create a high quality experience using the highly functional order management commercetools offers. Our APIs let you connect commerce to other business tools that you use, vastly enhancing your productivity when working with your orders.

commercetools Features Order Management less Complexity

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