Possibilities for B2B Create custom B2B eCommerce solutions as unique as your business

Customers now expect the same convenience and amazing experiences with B2B that they get from B2C. With commercetools, you can give it to them.

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commercetools commerce possibilities B2B Custom B2B eCommerce Solutions

Build your B2B commerce platform to exceed the increasing expectations of B2B customers

Our headless, API-first technologies enable your business to innovate faster by adding new touchpoints with ease and integrating with multiple systems, all while ensuring your brands appear on third-party marketplaces.

commercetools commerce possibilities B2B Commerce platform
Adapt to individual customer expectations

Give your business customers the seamless, frictionless purchasing experiences B2C brands already deliver.

Combine microservices however you need

Open up your shop functionalities with new tools and features that will wow B2B customers.

Headless technology. Limitless customization.

Personalize customer experiences while paralleling your online and offline brand identity.

Complex product catalogues made easy

Unify data on one B2B eCommerce platform for thousands of products from different sources. commercetools' platform helps you to automate product data processing and consolidation. It combines the latest technologies in a flexible system architecture that adapts and grows as new requirements are introduced.

commercetools commerce possibilities B2B Complex product Catalog

Make the most out of every channel

Seamlessly integrate a wide range of commerce services and systems, including B2B marketplaces, social sales platforms, and smart devices, as well as newer touchpoints like IoT and virtual reality applications.

commercetools commerce possibilities B2B Integrating channels
Together, commercetools, Contentstack, and EPAM created a top-notch technology experience for our customers that gives them a comprehensive, personalized digital experience that’s easy to navigate and will give valuable time back to their day so they can focus on what they do best: running their business.
Gireesh Sahukar

Vice President - Digital, Dawn Foods


Solve B2B pain points Design a B2B commerce solution that’s tailor-made for your company's needs

Flexible API architecture lets you integrate the latest AI technologies, ready-to-use commerce services and third-party systems into your ecosystem fast, and with minimal effort. Developing a commerce system yourself or integrating one into existing systems and databases in your company becomes easy.

Grow how you want

You decide when and how to expand your B2B commerce ecosystem.

Always stay up-to-date

Flexibly respond to new challenges with the right measures at any time.

Deliver exceptional experiences

Provide personalized commerce experiences across all channels that inspire consumers and increase brand loyalty.

How to easily migrate in 3 steps

01 Build a migration roadmap

commercetools Home Build Migration Roadmap List important milestones, deliverables, and a timeline. There are 3 areas which are the basis for the roadmap: data, business logic, and UI/UX.

02 Extract, import and verify data

commercetools Home Extract, import & Verify Data Our extremely flexible data model allows for real-time updates to its structure. Extract the data you want, and import it into commercetools by calling the appropriate APIs.

03 Customize your commerce

commercetools Home Customize your Commerce Customize or build your own features and functionality using our easily extensible platform to create the exact commerce experience your business wants to give customers.

B2B Accelerator Guided Trial

Designed with MACH principles, Mindcurv’s B2B accelerator+ is a licence-free deployment-ready package extends the acclaimed capabilities of commercetools to your online B2B platform.

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