TROX Customer Story

How TROX breathed fresh air into their new, tomorrow-ready eCommerce.

With 27 subsidiary companies in 25 countries across all five continents, as well as 14 production sites and importers in over 70 countries, TROX has been an undeniably major player in providing B2B buyers with components, appliances and systems for room ventilation and air conditioning worldwide since 1951.
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The Challenge

The software for product configuration in the air electronics industry is exceptionally sophisticated, as both purchase and sales of ventilation systems require a high level of technical know-how. To further complicate TROX’s case, their software also needed to be integrated into a webshop system.

The Solution

Our digital agency partner dotSource based the development of TROX's new commerce system on commercetools Composable Commerce, as well as on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud-based functions, enabling the connection to the existing ERP system. Using the new product finder solution, an algorithm permanently running in the background will determine if the customer’s desired components suit one another and if this combination can be produced at all.

After being validated, the final product will be added to the shopping cart ready to be ordered. Both processes — adding to the cart and ordering — are made possible thanks to the commercetools flexible API.

During the workshops, we found out that for TROX, the Internet of Things is a topic for the future. What if TROX’s facilities were capable of generating data by themselves, which would be then sent back to the commerce solution in the future? Thus, for instance, spare parts could be ordered and maintenance provided. All this will be sustained in the future, thanks to the flexibility of commercetools.
Benjamin Gartzke

Project Manager eCommerce, dotSource


Why it was a success

The new solution not only fulfills the existing requirements, but it also opens the doors for future possibilities. By using a flexible microservices architecture and following the API-first approach, TROX is always prepared to quickly react to new challenges and with maximum agility. commercetools has also enabled a highly personalized self-service B2B commerce process for Trox business customers.

 An intelligent commerce solution that facilitates the manufacturer’s work without compromising on the customer’s happiness — that is what the future of eCommerce should look like.

commercetools features for TROX


Gained control over the entire checkout process – from login to payment confirmation and from billing to shipping.


Developed simpler cart and order processes to streamline the buying experience.


Customers can shop however they want, online or offline, without friction.