About Riedel:

The tradition of Riedel as a glassmaker is rich in legends and success stories. The history goes back more than 260 years. Today, the company supplies the world markets and at the same time still remains a traditional family business.



RIEDEL’s global expansion placed significant demands on communication, ordering methods and sales. The old commerce structure had to be rearchitected with a view to the future – it was time to build a new platform that could fulfill multiple requirements.


With the implementation of the commercetools platform and its library of individual microservices, three previously separate sites – the B2C webshop, the B2B shop for catering establishments and the brand’s website – now function as a single unit on a global scale. Implemented as a best-of-breed or so-called “headless commerce” approach the platform can be efficiently managed on a global level.

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“What we want to achieve is having to set up data only once, instead of ten times like we used to. That translates into an incalculable amount of time and resources for every business. We’re on the right track with commercetools.”

Rosita Gschwentner, eCommerce Management at Riedel (Austrian headquarters)