In-Store and Public Commerce

Sync in-store shopping with digital shopping for more powerful customer experiences

Online sales are rising at an increasing rate year-over-year, but consumers still want the ability to see, touch and feel products in-person.

Unlock the Power of Composable Commerce
commercetools Digital Signage accompany in-store shopping with digital shopping

Did you know that… 71% of shoppers spend more when visiting a store than online?


Being able to physically view, feel and try merchandise, while having access to your entire assortment of products and promotions increases the likelihood that consumers will buy more beyond than planned. In this way, the in-store experience is unique.

A smooth transition from how consumers shop online to your in-store experience

Consumers want to research and discover products at home, try them in-store and check out via mobile. Commerce today has become one cohesive experience across channels.

Smart, high-tech experiences that drive sales

"Wow" your customers with in-store technology that delivers a unique, functional shopping experience.

Increase the potential of your retail employees and displays using technology

Empower your staff to use technology to improve and extend their interactions with customers.

Shopping everywhere made easy with commercetools Engage customers on every channel using modern commerce

  • Screens are everywhere now; so are sales opportunities
  • We live in a new era of mixed commerce (online plus offline)
  • Self-checkout makes small purchases easier
  • VR/AR tech helps customers save time when trying products
  • Seamless handover of commerce between channels
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commercetools Digital Signage Customer Engagement on every channel
of online stores have omnichannel capabilities
Billion mobile connected devices in use (2021)
of shoppers used a mobile phone inside a physical store for product reviews, compare prices etc.

Unlimited possibilities of in-store and public commerce Cater to consumers, wherever they are

There’s a screen at almost every corner – from bus stops to retail shops – waiting to become a commerce channel. Consumers want convenience, simplicity and memorable experiences. Digital commerce in the physical world brings exactly that.

commercetools Digital Signage convenience of digital commerce in the physical world
Our business is not technology. We know that we are not going to out-innovate Apple or Amazon when it comes to our technology stack. But what we do know is that as customer preferences change, and develop and find new channels, we feel confident we can quickly innovate within those channels and create customer experiences as part of the holistic framework we have.
Matthew Woolsey

Global President, 66°North

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