Business benefits of commercetools Frontend

Deliver digital storefronts with speed, flexibility and performance with the dynamic combo of commercetools Composable Commerce and Frontend

Catherine Jones
Catherine Jones
Product Manager of Frontend Studio, commercetools
Published 15 February 2024
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The ability to swiftly adapt, innovate and manage diverse storefronts is crucial for success. This is where commercetools Frontend in combination with commercetools Composable Commerce steps in to make every online retailer's vision come to life, providing businesses with a robust set of capabilities to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape. In this article, we dive into its key features, focusing on how business users can create and deliver easy and captivating digital storefronts with maximum flexibility, agility and performance.

Business benefits of commercetools Frontend

Managing storefronts in complex environments

Effectively handling the complexity of managing eCommerce storefronts is where commercetools Frontend truly shines. This powerful platform not only helps businesses easily set up and oversee storefronts but also lets them create top-notch customer experiences across various brands, countries, languages and currencies. What makes commercetools Frontend stand out is its impressive ability to do all this with minimal day-to-day involvement from developers, freeing up businesses to focus on innovation instead of getting bogged down in technical details.

These storefronts are centrally managed, ensuring full customization and support for complex, multiphase and global rollouts. The platform enables enterprises to launch new brands or product lines seamlessly, setting up dedicated yet centrally managed sites for multi-brand and multi-country rollouts. The rich localization tools provided enable businesses to present store and site content in different languages and currencies, ensuring compliance with local regulations and resonating with audiences on a global scale.

commercetools Frontend's Frontend Studio is a hub for creativity and adaptability. It equips businesses to serve different audiences with tailored shopping experiences, meeting the distinct requirements and expectations of diverse customer segments. The flexibility extends to the ability to pivot swiftly between different business models or extend existing ones, all without incurring downtime or risk. This agility in responding to market demands positions commercetools Frontend as a strategic ally for your business.

We went live on headless just four months after project kick-off. With commercetools, we're now able to launch new country sites within as little as two weeks.


Business and tech collaboration

Encouraging collaboration, fostering constructive feedback, and optimizing approval processes stand as the pillars of success within the ambit of commercetools Frontend. The platform actively promotes open communication among teams, allowing for a collective effort in shaping and endorsing pages and content before they reach the public eye. 

Besides making things more efficient, this collaboration ensures that teams can smoothly work together, even on tough projects. It helps teams be more productive and innovative. They can use the smart tools commercetools Frontend provides to make things easier and deliver new solutions faster.

Developers also get more freedom with commercetools Frontend. They can work on their own and get feedback from the business side on test pages. This way of working lets developers go at their own speed while keeping everyone in the loop. It's a smooth way of working together without causing problems or risks. In the partnership between business and development teams, commercetools Frontend helps each side do what they're best at. Business teams make great user experiences, while developers have the freedom to build and launch new features. This way of sharing tasks keeps everyone agile, responsive and, most importantly, safe from dependencies or risks.

Boost efficiency through smart page management

In the Frontend Studio, our Page Builder and Site Builder enable business users to control the appearance and content of pages effortlessly, with no coding required. The Site Builder lets you organize your site's structure using page folders, where you can manage settings and versions. Meanwhile, the Page Builder allows you to create live content by adding components and adjusting settings for each version. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, you can swiftly create new pages to meet campaign requirements. Easily manage landing pages, category pages, product details and high-converting content pages. Plus, you can schedule when your pages go live or come down to align with your marketing calendar. 

Complementing the ease of page creation is our commitment to elevating website performance and optimizing SEO. With progressive web app (PWA) and server-side rendering support, your site will load quickly and feel like an app on any device. Backed by top-notch auto-scaling cloud hosting with a 99.9% guarantee and 24/7 service, we ensure your sites are speedy, reliable and secure. This not only reduces bounce rates but also boosts SEO rankings, leading to better conversion rates.

We probably wouldn't have gone headless if we hadn't found commercetools Frontend. They're the solution that makes the headless approach work for our brand managers.


Efficiency is key, and that's where layouts and templates also come in. Create page templates for consistent design, and with component groups, you only need to build something once to update it across multiple pages. For example, if you have a header component group, updating it once updates it everywhere, saving you time and ensuring changes go live fast. And for even more flexibility, we offer version switching. Easily switch between different page versions and folders right from the page builder, making your content creation process adaptable and responsive to your needs. 

It's all part of our commitment to providing a straightforward, user-friendly solution for all your page creation and management needs.

Elevating customer experiences is our goal

At commercetools, everything we do is to help make it easier for you to deliver rich customer experiences that support your overall business success. That’s why we integrated commercetools Frontend as a best-in-class frontend-as-a-service in-house solution that seamlessly connects with our Composable Commerce backend, speeding up headless implementations. It's the perfect combination, balancing the need for speed, performance, adaptability and customization options to continually exceed what your customers expect. 

Take flaconi, for instance. With commercetools Composable Commerce and Frontend, the retailer's marketing and technical teams have hit the jackpot — more speed, more flexibility and fewer hassles. This winning combo allows flaconi's teams to work independently, achieving fantastic results in record time. Now it's your turn: Join the wave of businesses redefining commerce, where speed, flexibility and happy customers are the norm.

If you're interested in learning more about deploying commercetools Composable Commerce and Frontend into your eCommerce platform, contact us today.

Catherine Jones
Catherine Jones
Product Manager of Frontend Studio, commercetools

Catherine Jones is the Senior Product Manager of Frontend Studio at commercetools. She has worked in many different positions at different levels, but always with a customer focus and always looking to create the best experience for users.

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